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Digital Video Recording Camera System in Atlanta


Pop-A-Lock Atlanta offers a wide selection of JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 digital video recorders capable of handling small or large digital video surveillance systems. Our digital video recorder selections come with various options to allow for the easy transfer of video evidence on many different forms of digital media which include USB, CD-RW, DVD, and network attached storage. Many of our digital video recorders are also networkable, allowing simple access to your video security system remotely and via the internet.


Go Digital with Pop-A-Lock Atlanta

It’s time to embrace the efficiency of the digital video recorder for your security solutions. Our digital video recording services are perfect for surveillance systems in small or large businesses as well as residential areas.


Transferring video footage has never been easier. Our JPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 recorders are all capable of easy transfers to USB, CD-RW, DVD, and more. Whether your surveillance system is small or large, Pop-A-Lock Atlanta has you covered. Don’t worry about needing to transfer over footage after a bad situation has happened. The entire process is seamless with Pop-A-Lock!


Why Use Video Surveillance?

At Pop-A-Lock Atlanta we believe that video surveillance is right for all organizations. Video Surveillance is a great tool to monitor the unwarranted activities such as theft, vandalism and intrusion, and are limit premise liability. Video surveillance can also capture valuable information and insights that could be crucial to your company. This can improve practices and operations of all those entering your workspace. Video surveillance has been known to resolve workplace disputes, end workplace harassment, and improve customer shopping experiences. These systems are put into play to better benefit you and your employees and empower a safe and ethical work environment.


What Does Pop-A-Lock Atlanta Offer?

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta offers a complete spectrum of video cameras, along with the expertise to put the right cameras in the right places to address all of your video security needs. If you need a powerful video solution in a complex commercial environment or a small video system in your home, give us a call. We provide solutions tailored to your unique operations.


At Pop-A-Lock Atlanta we want to offer you a variety of the best quality cameras, along with educating you and your staff on the ins-and-outs of the camera and its software. We don’t want you stressing over which camera you should purchase. We are here to answer all your questions and finally, offer what we believe to be the right system for you.

IP Camera Systems

IP cameras have become the driving force in network video systems. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta has partnered with the best of the best in the IP camera market to bring our customers the products, expertise, and experience necessary to deploy a true enterprise video platform.

Specialty Cameras

Designed to withstand the harshest environments and lighting conditions, specialty cameras satisfy the most demanding video system requirements. Our team has the experience and expertise to install and integrate just about any type of special function camera for your project. Having doubts about the technology? Let our team work with yours to help you make the most informed decision on the products necessary for your system.

We provide a wide selection of covert and hidden security cameras that fit any environment. This high quality, hidden video surveillance cameras are designed to ensure peace of mind and safety for your business. We offer a variety of cameras that can be tailored to fit your unique needs. From high definition to audio surveillance, we can provide you and your business with total security and safety. We will work with you to educate you on the cameras, software, and security standards.


Our video surveillance is also perfect for any residential area, such as a home or full neighborhood.

This can deter criminals from breaking into your home and harming you, your loved ones or your assets. We recommend getting security cameras that best suit your home’s needs. This can depend on location, level of security, and value of external assets. We offer a wide range of camera systems for you and your family. This helps with ease of use and fully learning the system. Video surveillance can stop criminals before their first attempt by allowing you and your family to fully monitor your premise and also by showing criminals that your security is up-to-par with the highest security standards. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta is here to answer any of your residential security questions. We are here to educate you and your family of the camera system and the importance of video surveillance.


Pop-A-Lock Atlanta is the market leader in video surveillance systems and CCTV monitoring, and provides security services for the commercial, education, financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We hold our client’s satisfaction dear to us by knowing the ends and outs of each client’s business operations, operating parameters, and customer relations.


We want to make sure that your video surveillance system best suits your unique needs, based on your organization’s location, your industry and your assets. We believe that having trained professionals who really care about our customers are important in providing the excellent service that we believe is needed in this industry. We can cover all aspects of your video surveillance security system and are here to provide support for any system you chose. We want to keep you and your organization to be secure! Call Pop-A-Lock Atlanta today to get started!