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Residential Locksmith Services

As the primary safeguards of your home, locks provide the first line of defense against unwanted entry. Their proper operation is important to the security of your family and personal possessions. But like any mechanism with moving parts, a lock sustains wear and tear over time and requires occasional maintenance, repair, and upgrade to remain effective. When it comes to lock services such as these, your safety and security are Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s top priority. Our friendly, reliable technicians have the experience and know-how to ensure that all your locks are strong and fully operational.


Our Lock Services

  • Re-keying locks
  • Installation
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Key Extraction
  • Key Creation and Duplication
  • High Security Locks

Whether you are moving into a new home or wish to upgrade the security of your present house, Pop-A-Lock Atlanta is your #1 Residential Locksmith in the area!


Home Lock Rekeying

Let the Pop-A-Lock professionals rekey your locks. We can set all of your locks to operate with one key, assuring that only you have access to your home, improve the overall security of your property and possessions and increase the safety of your family. Security experts agree that one of the best and least expensive ways to upgrade your home security is the control and management of keys.


Lock Repair & Installation

Let a Pop-A-Lock technician professionally install or repair your locks. Don’t put your safety & security at risk by not having your locks installed by a professional. A trained, certified Pop-A-Lock technician can professionally install your locks correctly at minimal time & cost. We can install or repair all lock types, brands & models. Our mobile technicians are fast, reliable and background checked and have all the equipment they need to install or repair your locks quickly & correctly.


You can trust the pros at Pop-A-Lock for all your lock repair & installation needs.


Home Key Duplication & Creation

Let the professionals at Pop-A-Lock duplicate your keys. Pop-A-Lock can create duplicate keys for home and even auto. We can duplicate all key types from door keys, safe keys, mailbox keys & more. A Pop-A-Lock professional can come to you and cut your key on-site quickly & safely.


Home Lockout Service

We’re here to help when you need us, 24/7. When you’re locked out of your house the last thing you want to do is break a window – it’s just too dangerous. That’s why Pop-A-Lock provides you with convenient 24/7 lockout service. Whether your key is lost, broken or locked inside – we’ll dispatch a technician immediately to get you back into your home safely and quickly.


Pop-A-Lock is America’s Most Trusted Locksmith Franchise


Pop-A-Lock was born in 1991 when local law enforcement agents in Lafayette, Louisiana recognized the need for a car locksmith in their community. Since then, Pop-A-Lock has grown to become the largest professional locksmithing franchise in the country. Our original Lafayette location is now the national training facility and corporate headquarters for Pop-A-Lock.


While our main focus is on emergency automotive locksmith services, we also offer a full range of services for your home and business security. In addition, we are proud to have created the Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program – a free community service dedicated to saving children who are inadvertently locked in vehicles.


What makes Pop-A-Lock stand out from our competitors?


  • Our state-of-the-art training facility
  • Technicians trained on the latest locksmith technology
  • Professional technicians in easily identifiable uniforms and marked vehicles
  • All employees screened for drugs, criminal background, and driving record
  • The convenience of serving over 4,500 communities nationwide as well as in Canada and Australia.


Pop-A-Lock can secure your home, as well as fix access control systems to make sure your system is working and correctly installed to ensure the highest security level for you and your family at home.


Lock Installation– This is a DIY project that you’ll want to sit out. Our trusted technicians are sure to get the job done and make sure your home stays adequately protected.


Home Lockout– You walk out to grab the mail and get to your door and find that you have locked yourself out. What do you do? You could always break the window, but that will leave you with no choice but to pay for a costly repair. Before trying to bust down the door, give us a call and we will be there shortly to help you out!


Rekeying– Moving into a new home is an exciting event, but are you sure that you are the only one to have access to your home? Even if you are not moving into a new home, it may be a good idea to upgrade your current locks. Your home is where you should feel the safest. Between the babysitter, the cleaning service, the plumber, and the neighbors, over time you start to lose track of who has your key and who could get into your home any time they wanted. Call Pop-A-Lock today to rekey your locks, ensuring limited access to your residence.


Security– We are proud to provide the best in home security, from CCTV installation to the best locks. Contact us today and allow us to perform a security assessment of your home so we know what is lacking in your system and what can be improved. Just one more way we are giving you that peace of mind, call us now and find out how we can help.