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Automotive Locksmith FAQs

Q: What makes some car and motorcycle keys so expensive to make?
A: Vehicle security like everything else is constantly evolving and becoming more technically sophisticated. Most late model vehicles are equipped with a type of anti-theft system called transponders and keys use an electronic fob. In order to program these types of keys / fobs, locksmiths have to invest in the equipment, training, parts, key code subscriptions and machines.

Q: Is it true you have to go to the dealer to replace or duplicate your car keys?
A: Generally not. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta automotive locksmiths can duplicate 99% of all automotive keys on the market. Dealers will tell their customers this because they want you to go through them. There are some late model automotive keys that we can’t duplicate because the manufacture has not released the key codes to locksmiths. When you call Pop-A-Lock Atlanta, we come to where you are and duplicate your key onsite. You don’t have a towing expense and if you have AAA, you may have benefits that will pay a portion of the cost. Additionally, we provide you with the same warranty as the dealership!

Q: Can a locksmith cut a key from a number?
A: In many cases, keys can be made by a locksmith from the code number of a lock. This is common with vehicles, padlocks, filing cabinets, etc. They cannot be made from VIN numbers.

Q: How can I obtain the key code to my lost car keys?
A: You will only have access to this code if you are the original buyer of the keys. This code is typically written on the original bill of sale which you may have or the car dealership may have it. It’s rare, but the code may be written on the cover of the owner’s manual. So check this as well. If you have the key code, it can save you money when you need to have your lost key duplicated.

Q: Can I buy lock opening tools?
A: No.  It is illegal in most states to sell or possess burglary or entry tools.