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Commercial Lock & Re-Key Services in Atlanta

As the primary safeguards of your business, locks provide the first line of defense against unwanted entry. Their proper operation is important to the security of your belongings, business resources, and peace of mind. But like any mechanism with moving parts, a lock sustains wear and tear over time and requires occasional maintenance, repair, and upgrade to remain effective.

When it comes to lock services such as these, your safety and security are Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s top priority. Our friendly, reliable locksmiths have the experience and know-how to ensure that all your locks are strong and fully operational, and provide a full slate of services to address any lock-related needs.

We’ll even perform a free assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses and offer professional tips on how to best use locks to make you more secure.


Re-key Locks vs New Locks

Re-keying is the process of replacing the tumblers or pins of a lock cylinder with new ones of different sizes. Upon completion, a new key is required to operate the lock. If the lock functions well and matches the style you like, then re-keying is the best solution. This service saves money and time by eliminating the need to buy and install a new deadbolt or door knob lock. Locks should be re-keyed when first moving into a property, when a set of keys is lost, or when you terminate an employee.


commercial-rekeyingNew Locks & Other Door Hardware

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta technicians carry a wide assortment of locks and finishes for new lock installations and replacements, including deadbolts and door knobs. We also offer a full line of additional hardware options to ensure that the locks we provide match your preferences.  We only work with trusted products and brands and guarantee that each job is done right.


Maintenance & Repair

Over time, normal wear and tear takes a toll on doors and locks. Occasionally the components fall out of sync, and a lock begins to malfunction.

Sometimes, a quick fix is all you need to restore proper operation – tightening a few screws or lubricating the right areas will often do the trick. Other times, doors must be adjusted or hardware re-aligned due to a building settling or temperature changes.

In any case, we always do our best to repair a non-functional or damaged lock, rather than replace it with a new one. Our technicians will walk you through the process and explain any problems that arise. Whatever the issue, we’ll be sure to find the right solution.


Key Duplication

Every Pop-A-Lock Atlanta technician is equipped with a mobile key-cutting machine, which travels with him or her throughout Metro Atlanta. When the job calls for it, key duplication is always available.

Key Extraction

Keys can get stuck or break off in locks for a variety of reasons. The lock may be faulty and in need of repair, or the key may be damaged or suffering from normal wear and tear. No matter the cause, we’ll remove the broken key, identify the problem, and bring the lock back to a working condition.


File Cabinets and Office Furniture

Most locks for file cabinets and office furniture are cam locks or disc tumbler locks. These locks are used for a variety of general and specialty purposes. More than likely, you will see these types of locks installed on office furniture, such as file cabinets, desk drawers, overhead hutches, storage cabinets, mailboxes, etc. Some of these locks are stamped with the manufacturer’s key code on the face of the lock, which could simplify the process of replacing a lost key. In some cases, replacing the lock itself is more cost effective than replacing the key. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta technicians can service most office furniture locks. Our services for furniture and file cabinet locks include unlocking all types, creating a key for most locks, and replacing the majority of office furniture locks.


Top Commercial Locksmiths in Atlanta

Don’t trust your facility’s security needs to a no-name locksmith that you’ve never met before. Instead, call the company that has the most experience and skills that are required to get the job done! Call Pop-A-Lock Atlanta!


Pop-A-Lock Atlanta has become the most trusted commercial locksmith by Atlanta business owners, and we’re just a phone call away. Pop-A-Lock does more than simply help you when you lock yourself out. We also want to be there to meet your company’s current and future needs. If you haven’t yet called about Pop-A-Lock Atlanta’s services, it’s time to change that. Call us today!


Call Pop-A-Lock now for locksmith services in the Atlanta area. It’s time to feel secure knowing that Pop-A-Lock Atlanta has your back. Let us handle your business security and locksmithing needs. We offer:


  • Commercial Rekeying
  • Commercial Lock Repair & Installation
  • Key Control Systems
  • Commercial Automotive
  • & much more!


Convenience is a primary consideration when finding a commercial locksmith in Atlanta, GA. However, not all locksmiths in the area can offer the same types of services as Pop-A-Lock. In fact, some of these locksmiths may have a rather limited amount of services they can even perform for you. What do you need to know about hiring the right locksmith for your company?

What Services Will You Require on a Routine Basis?

What sets apart a trustworthy commercial locksmith like Pop-A-Lock from the competition that other business owners avoid? Our available commercial services are certainly a starting point! Any reputable professional handles the very standard services, such as:


  • Assisting you (or your employees) when locked out or when the key breaks off in the lock
  • Making new keys
  • Installing new locks to replace outmoded ones
  • Repairing panic bars that are stuck
  • Switching out basic locks with keyless entry devices


More services should be expected than this summarized list, though. Even if your business doesn’t require a certain service today, we still want to offer it for the future. Examples include:


  • Duplicating smart keys for your commercial car, truck, or van
  • Repairing the ignition switch if a key breaks off
  • Re-keying cabinet or desk locks to maintain the privacy of files
  • Helping commercial clients choose the right grade hardware for doors
  • Preparing master key systems for the business’ owner


The Best Commercial Locksmith in Atlanta. We work with property managers!


Not every call to a locksmith will be an emergency. We’ve found that oftentimes, business owners want to simply establish an initial working relationship with a locksmith to understand their services. An example would be a residential property manager who is looking to re-key an apartment building or condominium setup. Pop-A-Lock can handle these necessities at the manager’s convenience to ensure a smooth re-keying process.


We know that managers and company owners are in the business of keeping customers happy, just like Pop-A-Lock is! You don’t have to be in any specific industry or field to appreciate the advantage of a commercial partnership with Pop-A-Lock. Any kind of business benefits from having a working relationship with a locksmith.


Anyone that is considering working with a professional locksmith should be asking themselves a few simple questions. Are you confident that you have the latest model locks and keys installed? Do the latch protectors that you currently have in place have the ability to enhance the longevity of the lock and reinforce its setup? Do the mechanical push-button locks work as they’re intended or do they prove to be difficult for your workers? If people are routinely propping open your doors because the locking mechanism isn’t user-friendly, you’re dealing with a very high-security risk.


A high-quality locksmith will understand your security needs and identify your weak spots. Working proactively with your business is how Pop-A-Lock helps you gauge the effectiveness of your current security measures. If you eventually decide to revamp your security measures across your venue, our team of professionals will be ready to work with you.


48% of business inventory loss is from employee theft. Protect your business with security solutions from Pop-A-Lock


  • Security Monitoring Installation
  • Deploy Master Key & Key Control Systems
  • Access Control Proximal Card Readers
  • High Security Proprietary Key Control Systems


Pop-A-Lock is America’s Most Trusted Locksmith Franchise


What makes Pop-A-Lock stand out from our competitors?


  • Our state-of-the-art training facility
  • Technicians trained on the latest locksmith technology
  • Professional technicians in easily identifiable uniforms and marked vehicles
  • All employees screened for drugs, criminal background, and driving record
  • The convenience of serving over 4,500 communities nationwide as well as in Canada and Australia.

Contact us today and ask how we can help!