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Ignition Repair & Key Extractions in Atlanta


We can repair and extract keys on even the toughest jobs.

Pop-A-Lock Atlanta offers you the best ignition key replacement services. We can repair your ignition and extract a broken key. We carry all makes and models of replacements, and a certified Pop-A-Lock Atlanta technician can be there in no time.


Pop-A-Lock Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

Pop-A-Lock can repair and extract keys on even the toughest jobs.


Pop-A-Lock offers you the best ignition key replacement services and is available 24/7 to help. We can repair your ignition and extract a broken key. We carry all makes and models of replacements, and a certified Pop-A-Lock technician can be there in no time.  


Commercial Automotive

Pop-A-Lock’s commercial automotive locksmith services are the best in the business. Our locksmith service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our technicians are fully insured and provide fast and reliable service at affordable prices for your business. We can unlock commercial vehicles.


Expert technicians working on your vehicles.

Every Pop-A-Lock car locksmith receives a minimum of 40 hours of hands-on training for unlocking car doors – and only one out of every 10 job applicants are able to meet our rigorous standards. Car door locks are ever-changing and increasingly complicated – but our method of car door unlocking remains as safe as using a key.


Commercial smart key duplication

Pop-A-Lock can also make duplicate smart keys, transponder keys & VAT keys for your company vehicles. Our technicians come to your office or business and can create keys for virtually all make and models. We can also extract broken keys from the ignition and repair ignition switches.


Pop-A-Lock is your Total Commercial Auto Locksmith

When people have car trouble, they often believe that an auto repair shop or dealership is the only places to have their vehicle repaired. While this is true for many repairs, locksmiths are often a cost-saving resource for those with ignition problems.


Understanding the Common Problems with Ignitions

A car’s ignition controls its power with just the turn of a key. When a driver puts the car’s key into its ignition, this turns a lock that then triggers the electric ignition switch. The ignition switch connects the car starter to the battery, which delivers a surge of electricity to the engine, allowing the car to start.


A car’s ignition can fail in 2 ways. Sometimes, there are problems with the electric ignition switch. In this case, drivers can insert and turn their car keys, but the engine refuses to turn over. This problem is a job for an auto repair technician.


However, the lock cylinder in the ignition can also fail. Drivers will know the lock cylinder fails if they find they cannot insert the key into the ignition or if the key refuses to turn and catches in the lock. In these cases, a professional locksmith can repair the lock mechanism, helping the car owner avoid a costly trip to the mechanic or dealership. The average price to replace an ignition at a dealership is a whopping $375 and an independent mechanic may charge $275 to $325 for the service. In both cases, the car will need to be towed to the repair bay, adding yet another expense.


How a Professional Locksmith Can Help


On the other hand, Pop-A-Lock professional locksmiths can replace the lock mechanism in a car ignition for less and are able to perform the service wherever the vehicle happens to be. Not only does this save the car owner the cost of a repair at a shop, it also saves them the hassle and cost of getting their car towed.


If you find yourself unable to turn the key in your car’s ignition, call the professionals at Pop-A-Lock before giving your mechanic or dealership a ring. In many cases, Pop-A-Lock may be able to save you 50 percent of the cost of a mechanic’s repair. If you’re stranded in a car with a key that refuses to turn, call Pop-A-Lock today to schedule an appointment.


Key extraction and ignition repair – If your key is stuck in your ignition, do not attempt to remove it yourself. This could result in more, costly damage. Instead, call for locksmith services from Pop-A-Lock Atlanta. We’ll take care of the problem for you.


About Pop-A-Lock

The first Pop-A-Lock location opened in 1991 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Since then, Pop-A-Lock has opened dozens of locations across the nation. One thing that hasn’t changed is the local, community feeling that each location delivers. Pop-A-Lock Atlanta consistently provides fair quotes and superb services to ensure that we’re a locksmith that Atlanta can trust.


Most people know us for our non-emergency automotive locksmith services. However, we offer non-emergency vehicle services as well as residential and commercial locksmithing. We’re able to handle a variety of needs, including re-keying, fixing broken locks, and more. Contact us today for more information.